Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New Name, New Level

I have been a busy girl today! I have officially changed the name of my blog and created a new Etsy store that I think not only suites me better but I feel it will help me become more successful in selling my cards and other paper crafts. The new name of my shop means a lot to me and I am happy to share why I chose such an odd name.

When I was 14 years old my Mom Diane passed away very unexpectedly. She was my best friend and I am still dealing with her loss to this day. One major reason why I started to paper craft and believe that this is my true passion is because of my mom. When I was a little girl she got interested in scrap booking and ended up making this fabulous book full of pages of me and my seven siblings. Although I do not scrap book often, I am in love with making cards of all kinds and have been growing in my creative skills so much over the past year. Even though my mom is not here anymore, I look to her for inspiration and I feel that I connect with her every time I am being crafty.

So therefore, this blog, every card I make, and everything I do in my life is to Diane, with love.....


  1. Kimberly - that's very touching... I'm sure your mom would be proud! Do you want me to change your blog address in the app?
    craftycardgallery at gmail dot com